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DS Information Systems Corporation
(A Company Wholly Owned by a Service Disabled Veteran; an SBA Small Business; and a GSA Schedule-70 holder)
DSIS is a high technology company specializing in information systems, communications systems, systems integration, communications security, engineering & installation, and technical support services. Our corporate objectives are to establish a firm that is built upon the following:
  1. A diverse clientele base
  2. An excellent reputation for performing on time, within budget and to customer satisfaction
  3. Cost competitiveness
  4. Consistent profitability
  5. Commitment to employee growth and development
Company Profile
The DSIS business approach provisions high quality contractor support services integrated with state-of-the-art systems solutions. Satisfying DSIS customer requirements and ensuring their ultimate satisfaction remains our only priority. We offer professional services and systems at competitively attractive prices. DSIS was founded with these prime objectives in mind and our business has been developed to attain and maintain these goals.

DS Information Systems is nominated for National Freedom Award

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